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Saturday, November 29, 2008


OK, so yeah, it's been months since I updated. Really, I haven't been too happy. I've since come back to Canada and I'm pretty much over it. It's nice to see everyone again, but, honestly, I love Australia. I actually miss everything about it, and when I run into something in Canada that's different, I wonder why we don't do things like in Australia. Strange I know, but it's how I feel.

Anyhow, so much to catch up on, and I'm gonna be heading out soon, so I'll update in the next couple days. I am still alive folks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin, it's a good thing I talk to your Mother every once and awhile or would never have known you were back in Canada. Sorry you are not happy here. I liked Australia but not to live. So when can you go back? Dianne

10:24 AM  
Blogger J. Cullinane said...

Not to get all serious and stuff, but there are books on reverse culture shock, which you clearly have.

That said, welcome back "home." Can you make it back to Oz or is this it?

9:51 AM  

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