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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's My Name??

Thanks for the comments on my last post folks. I know it sounds like I'm whining or what have you, but that's not my intention. Really, I'm very proud to be Canadian, but as someone said, once you've lived somewhere else, you see the cracks in the armour, as it were. It's still something I've been trying to work on since I've been home, but so far, unsuccessfully. But I digress...

As I was working a little while ago, a kid popped in with a resume, and handed it to me, all non-chalant (as kids often do). Of course, being the responsible person I am, I asked him the usual questions: What area do you want to work in, are you looking for full time, etc. After chatting with him for a few moments, i looked at his resume...

He had the same name as me....

Like, exact same name. Of course, I wouldn`t consider my name to be very unique (any quick look on Facebook shows over 300) but to actually come face to face with a person with my name was a little jarring. I literally blinked at him and asked word for word, "Is your name really Kevin Lambert or are you playing a prank on me?" Of course, he had no clue why I was asking that, I told him that it's also my name, and that he couldn't get a job here because we can't have 2 people with the same name working here. Too bad, we could have changed the name of the pub to the Kevin Lambert Club or something equally ridiculous. i should have asked him his middle name, in retrospect.

Suffice to say, he was not hired.

So work is getting busier, which is good, but I'm still trying to find someplace a little closer to home. Having to take 3 buses and the train to work sucks when I start in the morning. I have a couple options I'm looking into and 1 job which I'm pretty sure I was put on this planet specifically to do. I'm not going to say where it is, however, since I don't want to jinx it. Let's just say it plays to all my strengths and loves. (No, it's not the village drunk/idiot. I've applied, and I'm way overqualified)

I will be heading to Winnipeg in the next little bit, which could be in the next couple weeks. My roommate has to drive a queen sized mattress to Regina and we may just take the extra drive to Winnipeg, since he's never been there. One of our friends is moving back there at the end of June so we'll go meet her, and I can introduce him to all my zany friends as well. Once we know for sure, I'll be making phone calls, sending Facebook messages, and updating the sexual offender registry to let people know.

I would also like to say Congratulations!! to Jenn for having her bouncy baby boy (from what I recall, Jenn's family is 1/4 Vulcanized rubber).